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Imagine spending just a few days in a total lack of electricity. This would mean no lights, no microwave, no television, no HVAC just to mention a few. I believe you would call your electricity provider to ask why that would happen. However, have you thought for a moment how much money you spend on electricity bills each year? What if you could only use a small fraction of this bill each year? In this Tesla’s OFF-GRID Independence review, you will learn the possibility of enjoying nearly free electricity.

What is Tesla’s OFF-GRID Independence ?

Tesla’s OFF-GRID Independence is a digital resource that contains a blueprint of an electricity generator capable of converting cosmic energy from the sun into electricity. The blueprint is based on a discovery of Nikola Tesla – the inventor of alternating current (AC). It is hard to conceive any modern electric gadget that does not use AC.

This digital resource is designed to provide you with information on how you can construct an electricity generator based on Nikola Tesla’s invention that had never been made public until now. This guide shows you how to assemble this Tesla’s device using the 21st-century technology meaning even more efficient electricity generation.

Who is Nikola Tesla ?

It would be unfair to proceed with this Tesla’s OFF-GRID Independence review without giving credit where it is due. Nikola Tesla lived several decades ago. He is credited with inventing the alternating current but he did much more. He was actually the person who invented the radio but Marconi stole this from him.

Marconi made his popular Trans-Atlantic radio transmission from 17 of Nikola Tesla’s patents. Despite the fact that the inventor came up with life changing inventions, he remained an unhappy man. He envisioned a free society that is independent of the elites. So, he embarked on a secret mission to provide the world with priceless energy so that people will not spend thousands of dollars each year.

Without the express knowledge and permission of his sponsors, Tesla intended to develop a small, simple device that would cost less than $500. This, he argued, could help commoners get free electricity forever. His sponsors were unhappy because such a device would render large companies that sell electricity and deprive them of billions of dollars they fatten themselves with each year from electricity bills.

How does Tesla’s OFF-GRID Independence ?

Scientists who were unhappy with the tragic happenings for Nikola Tesla have been searching for blueprints of his work on the off-grid energy generator. Recently they succeeded. Now anyone, with the right information could build their own generator from locally available materials and get free from the slavery of the big banks and electricity generating companies.

Tesla’s off-grid electricity generator is based on Tesla’s coil, patented in 1891. The device features 2 coils, usually made of copper and two capacitors. Each of these components is separated from one another by a spark gap to reduce electrical resistance. In order to work, some small power is applied to one of the coils.

Powering the coil causes electrical energy to slosh back and forth between each of these components several times each second. In the end, the charge in the second capacitor becomes so high that it is forced to break free in an incredible burst of electric current. This result in high-frequency voltage that can illuminate fluorescent bulbs situated several feet away without connection with electric wires. Amazing, right? I bet you would agree.

Going deeper into the specifics of the coil is beyond the scope of this Tesla’s OFF-GRID Independence review. However, the program contains detailed information on how you can build your own generator from the comfort of your home with readily available materials. With it, you can power a number of electrical devices thereby saving you the cost of electricity bills.

Is It Possible to Build Tesla’s Coil to Power My Entire Home?

I believe you are asking yourself this question. The answer is yes. With the right tools and information, you can build it in just a couple of minutes even if you do not have any skills in things to do with electricity. With the device, you can power your home and even a remote cabin in the woods where power lines are unavailable.

So far, there are actual testimonials of people who have successfully built the Tesla Coil using the information they have obtained from Tesla’s OFF-GRID Independence. The guide is so simple, anyone capable of reading and understanding English can use this guide successfully and built the device size of their liking in just a couple of minutes.

Tesla’s off-grid Independence Pros and Cons


  • A very great way to cut your electricity bills by more than 50 percent.
  • The device is relatively easy to put together, all you need are a few easy steps.
  • Tesla’s OFF-GRID Independence is a green electricity generator.
  • The device is portable and weatherproof meaning you can use it anywhere in any weather condition.
  • Unlike solar panels, once you build the off-grid generator you forget about it because it requires no maintenance.
  • You are protected by a refund policy – 100 percent money back guarantee


  • If you do not have the patience to build anything from the scratch, then you might not like this device because it requires some patience and dedication.
  • Tesla’s OFF-GRID Independence is not a 100 percent replacement for your electricity needs because it can only power so much.
  • The guide is available only in electronic format meaning you are not lucky if you prefer an actual book.

Tesla's OFF-GRID - Conclusion

Generally, Tesla’s OFF-GRID Independence Blueprints by Dr. David Ranko is a worthwhile investment. It offers you a way to reduce your dependence on the grid electricity supply. This can save you thousands of dollars you might have used for electricity bills. You will also do your part in protecting your environment from pollution. You see, electricity generation is the biggest contributor to global warming. By reducing dependence on the grid, the electricity generators will have no option but to cut their production with beneficial effects on the environment.

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